Last Thursday I had the pleasure of being a Keynote Speaker at the SATO Leadership Conference in Orlando, FL.  I was given five words to base my speech around; Change, Courage, Unity, Innovation and Hope. I’d like to talk a little about these five words because I feel they are important to remember and initiate in day to day business or activities. We always hear the saying, “Change is good.” I agree with this saying. If it wasn’t for change we would have never been able to advance in technology or the medical fields. Courage is a word I know well, and talk about in my book, It’s A Jungle In There.  I talk about how it takes Courage to live out your dreams even if people tell you you’re crazy. Unity is a word that everyone has been a part of, whether it’s working on a business project or making dinner there is always someone there to give you a helping hand. Innovation is the key to new ideas and contraptions. Without Innovation we would not have the light bulb or Twitter. Last but not least I’d like to talk about Hope. Nothing can be accomplished without Hope. Hope is the fuel that drives you to Innovate and Change. Hope brings people together and gives you the Courage to keep moving forward day after day. Please feel free to share your comments on this blog.  Steven Schussler