Schussler is Walt Disney of Themed RestaurantsSteve Schussler is Walt Disney of theme restaurants
Behind the scenes with Rainforest Cafe owner
By Rachel Hutton Wednesday, Nov 10 2010
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The offices of Schussler Creative are located in a dull, nondescript Golden Valley industrial park, near businesses that deal in the mundanities of insurance claims and automotive parts. But inside, Schussler Creative has the energy of a Silicon Valley startup. On the day I visited, I could hardly find a seat in the reception area for the assemblage of model outboard motors, revolving Ferris wheels, and Disney characters dressed in Star Wars garb. So I leaned against a ledge where a cloak-wrapped Mickey aimed his light saber at Donald Duck, who had been frozen, Han Solo-style, in a carbonite block.

All this, I soon learned, was merely a warm-up for the contents of Schussler’s adjacent warehouse. A staff member led me to the office’s utilitarian kitchenette where muffled tribal music could be heard playing behind a set of double doors. The staffer held a remote control, and I noticed that one of the buttons was labeled “FOG.” Anticipation built as it does when the line for a Disney ride inches forward: What sort of imaginary world lay beyond? More >