Superman Plus Seven

Schussler Creative Institute

Superman Plus Seven

Steve Schussler has a lot of mottos. And this is one of my favorites. “No One Creates In A Vacuum.” Whether you are working on getting a job, getting ideas launched or getting a business going this phrase has taught me so much. Most of all, it shows that having a great team helps you get the job done.

We’re working hard on this book launch and building the Schussler Creative Institute and we had a bit of fun at our open house.

Check out the future generation and tap into your childish enthusiasm. That’s how the best ideas come to life.

Creativity Is Fun

Steve Schussler Chopper

Steve Schussler's Chopper

And riding a bike like this is even more fun. Steve Schussler came up with the idea for his restaurant T. Rex while riding a motorcycle across the badlands.

What do you do to have your brain wander and generate ideas?