Dear Mr. Steve Schussler,

My name is Dillon Nicely; I am currently 20 years old and am presently living in Newport Beach, California. Lately I’ve had trouble focusing and getting through classes at school. So I recently stopped going and have been trying to find a different approach or career I can follow through with. I have also been slacking at work as well and not performing to the best of my capabilities. My dream is to be my own boss like yourself and run my own business if possible. As of lately I’ve been really into Entrepreneur, Inc., and other magazines/books that give knowledgeable information regarding business. I came across your book It’s a Jungle in There and read the first few chapters. I got hooked immediately. It has truly given me a bigger motivation and willingness to do more with my ideas. Also I’ve turned around my performance at work and just got a promotion. I know that you should be driven yourself to get where you want. But there’s sometimes where you need some encouragement or insight from another man who made it like yourself. That’s what I loved about your book and the way you handled most situations. I personally just wanted to give you my thoughts on the book and what you’ve inspired me to do. I’m definitely going to recommend this book to others. I hope that you will be able to speak out in California sometime soon so that I could have a chance to hear you in person or even meet you. If not, thank you and hope you succeed in your next creative innovations.

Wish you the best,

Dillon Nicely