My 11 Commandments for creating successful themed attractions, restaurants, and retail stores are Entertainment, Education, the Environment, Earning a Return on Investment and our Employees along with the five senses; Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch and Taste.  The most important is PASSION.  I talk about this in my book, It’s A Jungle In There: Inspiring Lessons, Hard-won Insights, and Other Acts of Entrepreneurial Daring.

The Dulcimer Medical Center had their 5 year anniversary and to celebrate, Dr. Parnell and his partner Dr. Denise Shavey closed their clinic for the day and provided a fun-filled day for their employees.  They came to visit our Creative Laboratories to give their staff a unique experience and to energize them to make their own dreams become a reality.

Dr. Steven Parnell and his partner Dr. Denise Shavey have a passionately unique and creative approach to their center and utilizes the 11 commandments in their clinic. The name Dulcimer Medical Center was inspired by the musical instrument of the same name and comes from the root words dulce’ meaning ‘sweet’ and ‘melos’ meaning ‘song. In skillful hands the hammered dulcimer produces beautiful music with sweet melodies and pleasing harmonies. As one of their core values, harmony is the inspiration for the center’s design and operation.  Their focus is Harmony between the patient and the therapy prescribed, harmony in treatment options and locations, harmony in internal health and harmony among the staff.

Their environment enhances health utilizing entertainment, education and the five senses with each of their patient and procedure rooms in different and unique themes. Children love the Jungle, Dinosaur and Dr. Seuss rooms. Teens enjoy the sports room that highlights all the area schools. The Paradise Beach or The Garden of Serenity are ideal for relaxing. Dedicated to the overall well–being, along with being equipped with the latest technology, they have state of the art equipment, and a team of experienced professionals.

Congratulations to Dulcimer Medical Center on their 5 year anniversary. We see many more years of continued success due to The Dulcimer Difference, where Harmony enhances health.